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Capturing memories to last a life time

Inspiration Studios Brisbane Wedding Photography Is based In North Brisbane providing a quality service that has been running since 2007.


And now also runs under the name Inspiration Studios Photography.

I hope you enjoy my site.

I have laid out most of the Info that anyone would ask to try and make things easy such as all the price lists and packages and all

the Info to go with them.


And heaps of beautiful pictures to look through!

But If there Is anything else you need help with please go through to the contact page and don't hesitate to contact me further.

Choosing a Wedding Photographer is one of the most important parts of a wedding as once the day and night are over all you have to look back on are the memories and images.

Here at Brisbane Wedding Photography Inspiration Studios we understand the importance of this and take great pride in what we do and a lot of love a commitment go into making sure we capture your special day frame by frame in every moment so you don"t miss a single beat of it and have the whole event to look back on.

Making sure its caught in a candid natural way that shows the true emotions and love surrounding the 

whole day and night.

We have been doing Wedding Photography for 16 years and every Wedding is different unique in its own way.

we absolutely love what we do with a passion weather its doing wedding photography in Brisbane or weddings in the Gold Coast right up to doing Wedding photography in the Sunshine Coast.

They are all amazing and stunning places to get married and photograph your special day.

our packages start from $950 right up to $3000 and all packages can be customised to suit your special wedding day.


so please take a look though my site and feel free to call me anytime or send me a message for more information on wedding photography packages.

stephannie ballard.


Welcome to Inspiration Studios Photography


Brisbane Wedding Photography
Brisbane Wedding Photography Inspiration
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